Wednesday, November 10, 2010

somebody has been sippin' on the Haterade

So, I have gotten to the point (and this is VERY out of character) where I am actually avoiding a certain someone because of the things that she has to say about me, and this little business that I call my own. And, BTW -- I call it my own, because.. that is what it is. It's mine. If I ask you for advice, help, guidance, ad nauseum -- by all means, give it to me. But, please do not mistake me for the kind of girl that will flounder on her own and fail without your unsolicited bullshit. Do not tell me that my "goals are too lofty" or that you "believe that people fail because they think they can do too much, and aren't capable.." or, that you think my "cupcakes are too pricey".
I don't tell you what I think about the sweatpants that you walk your kids to the bus stop in (?????), or even your Crocs... do I? And, anyone that knows me -- knows just how difficult it is for me not to tell you what's what about your Crocs.
I am positive that what gets to me about this situation is that said party is also a Mother, Wife, and small business owner. I would assume there would be instant high-fives, or even just a "Congrats, Good Luck!" rather then a Negative Nancy attitude. And, what is the worst. I let it bother me. To the point, that I took my children to school this morning, rather then face her and her terrible sweatpants at the bus stop.
Shame on me.
I'm not saying I should go out there guns blazing all what the fuck attitude (I mean, hello -- there are kids there after all), but I have never been the type to actually stand there and listen to crap like that and not even respond. I walk away every time (it has happened more then once)  perplexed. So, now I'm avoiding it all together.

At least for the time being, until I come up with some sort of quip or remark that's appropriate yet does the trick, IE. gets Mom #43 (her age) to zip it.

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  1. I should add. Just, FYI. In case anyone was curious. My stance on crocs = okay for kids. Not appropriate for adults.
    (I had a few moms fuss at me about this.)
    And, PS: I stated in the beginning of this blog. If you can't appreciate my sarcasim in general -- you probably shouldn't read this.