Monday, January 16, 2012

quick little photo post

a quick photo update of what has kept us so busy lately...
I *promise* a lengthy and hilarious (right...) blog ASAP!

close up of "tile work" on the bottom layer of a birthday cake.

hand rolled truffles - for more info about our Valentine's boxes of these heavenly chocolate bites check out the website,

18th birthday cake w/ color coordinated cake pops

feathers from the peacock cake

lime green and gold lettering

AND, just in case there are any "bump watchers" out there... here is what the littlest cupcake that I've been baking is looking like so far (yes, that is ALSO keeping me very busy -- ETA March 28th) - Photo Cred. Becca Bronkema,

I'm planning on putting her incredible talent to use with an upcoming "product shoot" of BABYCAKES delicious-ness. Stay tuned! But in the meantime, hire her!

I hope that your New Year is going well SugarWhores and I'll post later in the week w/ details regarding lots of upcoming awesome BABYCAKES endeavours.