Tuesday, July 26, 2011

did someone say Key Lime pie?

The overwhelming support for BABYCAKES deal with Certifikid has been incredible. Thrilled doesn't even begin to describe how excited I am to spread the sugar around and meet some new faces. We've delivered a few already and it has been so great to meet new clients and form exciting new partnerships and relationships with some of them already. To put it simply, this week has kicked major ass.

Pssst - if you haven't gotten your Certifikid deal yet, then you should hustle b/c it runs out in a little more than a day. You can make your purchase at the link above.

Did I mention that next week I get to make one hundred little bitty key lime pie tart-lets... you can't even imagine how delicious and adorable these little pies will be.. pictures are promised.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Quick update - Our Certifikid deal will be running beginning July 21st!

You won't want to miss out. Cookies and Cake Pops galore! Take your sugar loving hineys to Certifkid and sign up to receive their e-mails - not only will you get the e-mail notifying you when the BABYCAKES deal is available for purchase - but, lots of other awesome deals.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

a day in the life of a Mompreneur..

Mom + Small Business Owner + Wife = one thing and one thing only, not enough time in the day...

Yup - that's us. I swore I'd never put a picture up of the kids/hubs, but how can I resist when they are this fabulous? Besides, this photograph is almost 4 years old. The kids are much bigger and louder now.

 Back to that whole not enough time in a day thing... I am constantly wracked with guilt about what isn't getting done. I'm either NOT doing laundry, NOT spending time with my husband, NOT playing baseball with the kids or NOT working on this little bitty business that I call my own. And, to be perfectly honest - they all NEED me. Of course, there are priorities.. and sometimes, we don't have enough clean socks to go around... but, there is always enough love and so what if we are having breakfast for dinner, again - you guys love fruit loops and frozen waffles.

I just thought you'd enjoy a day in the life of... I mean, why not? You read all my other crazy shit. For starters, it's almost 1am on a Friday night - the house is quiet. Perfect Mommy drinking wine and watching a movie time.. I'm blogging. Oh wait, I just blogged about wine and a movie, does that count?

So, my alarm is usually set for any time from 3am - 7am depending on what the day ahead holds. If I'm baking, the earlier the better. I get finished before breakfast and can actually shower and funnel a cup of coffee before delivering and throwing some breakfast at the squirrel monkeys. Generally, before breakfast someone has had a mach 4 meltdown over socks, cereal, or perhaps the fact that Mommy has finally put her foot down and "NO, we aren't watching Sponge Bob again..". We skate over the first meltdown and pack up to make deliveries, hoping once we are all buckled in the car that mine and the kids teeth have been brushed, hair isn't a tangled mess, and that there are no "boob stains" on my shirt... hell, let's just hope I brushed my teeth. During the school year, my first stop is kiss and ride at the Elementary school - which we all know has stresses of it's own. "kiss, kiss, loveyouhaveagooddayseeyouthisafternoonbegood! all in 5.3 seconds - 'cause you cannot slow down the flow of the Elementary school drop off line. It's punishable by being shunned at the next PTA meeting. I'm not kidding, don't laugh. I get nervous and start to sweat - every. single. time.

Depending on where deliveries are, we can be in the car for a good long while. If the kiddos are tagging along we usually come prepared - snacks, hand held video games, but... let's be honest - at some point the kids are fist fighting and launching themselves from the back seat over the captains chairs and I'm desperately begging them to stay away from the cupcakes, and stop biting each other! It happens. Hopefully no one draws blood, 'cause Lord knows we don't have time to stop for first-aid.

By the time we get home, if we make it in one piece... everyone is a little worse for wear and probably hungry.. look! Cheerios for dinner! And chocolate milk!

If I'm really lucky, at some point in the evening I'll find my daughter holed up in the bathroom attempting to wax her arms and legs with Mommy's eyebrow waxing kit. True Story.

But, the best part of the day, is when things finally quiet down, there is no more tornado affect rolling through the house and we get to tuck those little monkeys into bed. There is nothing sweeter or more peaceful than a sleeping child. No, really... nothing.

Long story short, all you mompreneurs out there...  take pride in the simple fact that no matter what, we do our best as parents and work our tired hineys off as providers and moms and wives and sisters, friends, etc. for our families.
I may carry guilt with me forever, but what kind of mom would I be if I didn't?

all because two people fell in love..

these adorable little guys were wedding favors for a bridal shower.. and have inspired me to do so much more w/ cake pops - I can't wait...

Happy Birthday America!

the fourth of July looked a little something like this for us here at BABYCAKES...

Please don't lick your screen, that's gross.

nothing says summer like berries..

we hope that you all had a spectacular holiday weekend..
and BABYCAKES would like to say a special *thank you* to those that have and do serve this great country!

blog fix.

It's been brought to my attention by someone {that obviously has great taste} -- that I haven't updated in awhile and that they need a blog fix, mind you, they also mentioned just how funny I am.. so they may or may not be on drugs -- either way.. Hello kids, it's catch up time..

So, chit chat... let's see.. we have an awesome deal coming up this month with Certifikid. It will be sometime during July -- I'm not sure of the exact date but I am positive that we will talk all about it {a lot} the days leading up to, so pay attention.. but really, we won't let you miss out. Promise.

Sad news. The other day the blue sugar mobile (my wheels) tried to kill me. Or, perhaps I suddenly became compelled to drive off the road recklessly just 'cause -- rumor has it, I'm a much better baker than I ever have been driver. But, seriously - there is the slight chance that Georgetown Cupcake heard that I was heading on to their turf (one of my deliveries that day was in G-Town) and messed w/ my car mafia style.
I hope that everyone knows that last sentence is dripping w/ sarcasm. I may not be a fan of their cupcakes, or their lame-o attitudes, but I'm pretty sure they aren't trying to take me out.
Long story short, there were coconut cream cupcakes and vanilla latte cake pops splattered throughout the vehicle but, no one was injured - other than my poor car. She spent a few days at the car doctor and is back on the road now, but it was touch and go there for a moment.
Not to mention.. I spent over an hour trying to fix the tire that was flat only to find out that it wasn't the only flat tire and that I wasn't driving anywhere, anytime soon... all whilst donning a skirt and heels of course. All in a days work for this mom-preneur. I was just glad MY little babycakes weren't in the car to A. get hurt or B. complain about how they were thirsty, had to pee, were hungry, had to pee again, and how they wanted to play x-box the whole time I was trying to change a tire... yea. I'm really glad that wasn't the case.

Hopefully there will be a new, bigger, sugar mobile somewhere down the road... One that will stay ON the road.

Candied Grapefruit from this month's Summer Splash seasonal cupcakes.
You know you want some.