Wednesday, August 22, 2012

photo credit: everyone!

pictures of BABYCAKES from our clients, friends, our archive, etc.. thank you for the sugar love and great photos! keep them coming! 

lemon blueberry

cherry vanilla double dipped cake pops

gimmie s'more cupcakes 

princess and the frog cupcakes

raspberry vanilla 

cinnamon sugar donuts

coconut cream cupcakes

pink velvet

piped marshmallow

oooooo! toy story cake pops

"Oreo's" and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies

chocolate coconut, salted caramel and pina colada in the background

salted double fudge

sugar tower cake

another sugar tower cake -- button themed baby shower

lemon blueberry

pink velvet

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

buried in buttercream and babies...

It's been a scrabillion years since I've updated this thing. It's been so long that I'm having a difficult time figuring out the new Blogger layout. 
Obviously, things have been a little bit hectic for lots of reasons. The first, being the birth of our third baby(cake); albeit he's not truly edible, he's certainly delicious. He makes it difficult to get anything accomplished other than was is absolutely necessary because you just want to stare at him all day and kiss his sweet face. See?  

Photo Credit: BB Shots Photography

BABYCAKES also picked up a sponsorship of our local baseball team, The Southern MD BlueCrabs and that's taken up a large chunk of our weekends. Baseball cupcakes and custom cakes with their logos have been fun to make. 

Spring and Summer Weddings as well as several large events with a great amount of creative liberties have kept things interesting and helped me grow quite a bit. I love the clients that just say -- go with it. Do what you think will look awesome. Don't get me wrong. I love all of our clients, but it's a ton of fun to be able to really dig deep into those creative hallways and see what comes out. I'm working on an awesome wedding cake topper for a wedding sweets tower this weekend. Fingers crossed the vision in my brain and on the paper come to fruition. 

The website has finally been updated, and will soon have new photography as we've booked a sweets shoot with BB Shots Photography. She's pretty much perfection in her art form. I can't wait to see what comes out of the shoot and I'm racking my brain for some out of the box ideas. I also edited the cupcake flavors on the site. I created a baker's dozen of flavors that I thought could satisfy the large majority of our clients. The choice to have something custom will always be available, I think that's what sets us apart from most of the other confectionery's, however, the huge amount of choices in frosting, cake, etc overwhelmed a lot of people. I'm hope the response is good to the change, so far it seems so... 

I'll follow up with a photo post this afternoon.. Cheers SugarWhores!