Tuesday, November 2, 2010

legalize frostitution

Alright, so she's back. It's been so damn long since I've actually put something it writing -- I feel a little bit rusty. I wonder if I've lost my uncanny ability to be witty via type? I guess we'll find out.

So, here I am.. I've quit my job and I have this dream. You know what, I won't even call it a dream -- because that makes it sound almost unattainable. I'll call it a goal. In fact, I've got several goals. So, here I am.. I've quit my job and I have several goals.

Wow. That sounds like an absolutely fascinating, entertaining, and hysterical path we are on.. Jesus.
And, that brings me to my next point. If you are easily offended, by language and/or inappropriate content you may want to just go ahead and stop reading right now.

What have we got so far... Goals? Filth? and of course, Cupcakes?

Seriously. I'm starting this BABYCAKES thing from the ground up. Those scrumptious looking treats that are featured behind this blog -- those are BABYCAKES. It's true, I did quit my job... and I'm relying on my ridiculous determination to fuel my success. Of course, I make fantastic, delicious, and out of this world confections... however, I have yet to meet a person as stubborn as myself. And, I'm pretty much banking on that characteristic to push me through.

I'm cupcake obsessed. Or, I should say -- I'm obsessed with particular cupcakes. Mostly, the good ones -- nope.. the great ones. The ones that use quality ingredients, and have beautiful and unique design. The cupcakeries that are all about the quality and consumer, not the dollar bill.
Dare I say it? I should probably get it out of the way now (so you can go ahead and stop reading). I have issues with the cupcakeries that crank out 1000 cupcakes a week, and charge $55/dozen. You lose quality with quantity. That is simple fact. And - I'm going to assume that you all know who I'm referring to. And, no -- it is certainly not jealousy, folks. None of my goals include selling out, or mass producing... I can assure you. But, if they did!

I'm not only cupcake obsessed, it's more of an obsession with that final course. I adore dessert. What good, stress loving woman doesn't though? Who leaves the table after dinner and talks about how great the broccoli was? No one that I'm friends with anyhow.

So, let's recap for those of you that don't read Shan-Speak (you'll get used to it the more you follow along.. think sarcasm.).
Goals? Check.
Trashy Smart Ass-ness? Check.
Cupcakes? CHECK.
My obsession with quality? Check.

I see nothing more to add here, at the moment.

I'll be using this to get the word out on BABYCAKES promotions. Probably, talk a little non-sense. And, most importantly keep you up to speed on all things BABYCAKES. I may even throw in a recipe or two, along with some photographs - although, I did promise to be different. Didn't I?

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  1. I am all about your ability to spew filth from your mouth and cram deliciousness into my mouth. Right on sister.