Thursday, November 4, 2010


If I didn't quite make myself clear in the first post about how much I dislike quantity over quality (think McDonald's, and other mass produced food/or conglomerates), let me put it to you this way. I adore family owned, mom and pop, local business... I think that it's what America was built on(excuse the soap box) and it should be what we pay for as well. We should all, whenever possible, support the little guy. Because, not only does that cheese from local/artisan farmer taste delicious, but I am pretty sure that Kraft doesn't need our money. They'll survive w/out your cash. And, you'll survive a lot longer w/out putting that processed cheese product in your system, also. My point is, shop small and local whenever possible. Don't get me wrong. We don't always have the time.. but, I believe it's important to make the effort when you can.

Which brings me to my next point. La Plata TV and Appliance. (I know, what happened to cupcakes? Apparently -- I've taken a turn for the crazy. All preachy and pushy... Well, your wrong. I was always crazy... and it's totally pertinent).
La Plata TV and Appliance is a family owned store in our little town (it also happens to be where I purchased my washer). And, BABYCAKES is going to be working with them to help kick off their promotion and sales of Kitchen Aid small appliances. On Nov. 16th they are going to be hosting an open-store if you will.. inviting people to come in, check out the Kitchen Aid small appliances, have a few munchies and OF COURSE have some BABYCAKES!! I'll be there with 150ish of my mini BABYCAKES giving out samples. They will also be raffling off a gift certificate for a free dozen BABYCAKES to be redeemed when the winner chooses. It's going to be a great time. Come grab a stand mixer for someone for Christmas... or one of the attachments (if someone you know, ahem... already has an Artisan, or even a Professional... you could get them one of the gorgeous glass bowls to go with it... or an extra whisk attachment... you know... if you know someone like that....)
Bottom line is, I am obsessed with my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I think everyone needs one. And, you should come and get one on the 16th (details to follow).

Besides, I'll be there w/ my BABYCAKES... what more reason do you need to show up?? 

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