Thursday, November 18, 2010

a metric shit ton, of Holiday Cheer!

First of all, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to La Plata TV and Appliance for inviting me to hand out some samples of BABYCAKES on Tuesday night at their open house. It gave me the opportunity to get face to face with more people and chat it up about this little business. I adore the Elder family, and their store. Now, go buy me some Kitchen Aid accessories for Christmas! They will appreciate your business, and I'll appreciate the stuff!

Secondly -- I spent the better part of last night shopping for Christmas STUFF for BABYCAKES. I ended up with pretty bright RED boxes, and really bright Holiday Labels -- Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice! Happy Holidays, BABYCAKES. I thought the labels would add to the festiveness of the Holiday Boxes... and, make them even more perfect to give as gifts.. or bring to the office Christmas party (do it).
And, finally -- I put together my little "thank you gift" that I'll be distributing w/ orders throughout the Holiday season. Nothing over the top.. just a little I appreciate your business, thanks for the support kinda thing... 
You'll just have to wait and see what it is when you get your Turkey Day BABYCAKES. If you HAVEN'T ordered BABYCAKES for Thanksgiving (for shame!) -- then, I suggest you hurry up. I have room for another few dozen.

And, thirdly I fully intend on dragging out the Christmas decorations on Saturday afternoon. I look forward to glamming the Jones' household up with a metric shit ton of holiday CHEER! I absolutely obsess over the Holidays and they are hands down my FAVORITE time of the year. I'll post pictures when the project is complete. We are actually painting a wall Christmas Red -- in preparation of the placement of our Christmas Tree. (Believe it or not -- Christopher's idea!)

last year's pile 'o presents!

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