Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year -- New Agenda!

So, it's actually been -what feels like- 437 years since I've updated. Needless to say, I've been up to my ears in cupcakes, holidays, and craziness...

I survived Christmas. It was actually almost pleasant. The cupcakes, baking, and boxing went very smoothly. The only hitch was in shipping. I finally worked out a way to ship securely, however, it was fairly time consuming.. and I, of course didn't assume that cost and fed-ex store hours change during the holiday season. Why wouldn't I assume that? Where was my brain??
Oh well... lesson learned. I've only been building this little thing into a small, if not, tiny business since October... so -- I can't be too hard on myself.

I figured that between Thanksgiving, Christmas and all of the space in between... I pushed out between 90-100 dozen cupcakes. That's somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 of those little confections. And, it certainly wasn't easy. There were tears shed, pans thrown into the trash, colorful explicits mumbled and sometimes shouted, and above all -- a whole lot of learning and excitement.

I think I've come out of the tornado more organized, better prepared, and ready to move forward with loads of new ideas. I am starting the new year with a check list of things that MUST get done. First on that list, is sitting down with a graphic artist/designer to help me get my logo solidified and especially to work on the blog/website (I HOPE the website will be up and running before or just after Valentine's Day). I have this logo in my head that needs to be put onto paper, and since I'm quite possibly the most computer/design incompetent person ever... I'm looking forward to working with a professional.

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