Wednesday, January 5, 2011

for the record..

Alright. I gave you photos of the Christmas rush, and gave you the nicey-nice post about what the New Year holds for BABYCAKES, ad nauseum. Now, for the rant/bitch session that I've been holding in for the last few months.

I am not, nor will I ever aspire to be Georgetown Cupcake. Or for that matter, Crumbs, Lavender Moon, Red Velvet, Sprinkles, etc. I do not want my own television show, and believe it or not, I don't even want my own Cupcakery. I take offense at the thought of my cupcakes or any other confection that I make identically produced (by someone other then ME, none the less) shoved into a refrigerated case somewhere. I know that generally speaking, when people come to me with their, "ohmyGod, you make cupcakes?! have you BEEN to Georgetown cupcake?! They are ahhhmaaazing!" schpeal -- they are not trying to be offensive or rude. They should know though, that they are being annoying. In fact, I usually give a tight lipped smile and don't speak, in fear that "can you do me a favor... and stop talking.." will be my response.

There is obviously a market for those places, and they are obviously successful. I am not jealous, I just REALLY dislike being told how spectacular they are, when I personally don't think so. And, when it is something that you have a passion for, and love doing yourself -- you tend to assume that your opinion actually matters. I think it's kind of sad that their (Gtown Cupcake) recent success is based solely on a TV show. Let me get this straight... You are willing to wait in line for an hour + for cupcakes that run you at least $4+/ea. and were made along with about 2,000 others? Why? "Because they are on TLC, and they are ahhmayzing!" Oh. Gotcha. It would probably be too difficult to walk down the street to Baked and Wired and see just how delicious their cupcakes are. Or, form your own opinion for that matter. I get it. It just reiterates to me that when it comes to food, wine, and the restaurant industry in general -- people are such lemmings, it is appalling.

I'm well aware that I sound quite salty. I'm not. I just want to make it clear that my end goal/s do not include, massive lines around city blocks, mass production, selling out, a television show, high prices, or jumping on board with the homogenization of the American palate.

I like to think of myself in a little bakery/lounge that serves over the top artisan coffee and pastries in the morning, and caters to a light lunch and dinner crowd with a small menu of local and seasonal fare. And, one day soon.. it's going to happen. Promise.

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