Monday, June 13, 2011

cupcakes for breakfast? yes, please.

HELLLLLLLLOOO! (in my best Mrs. Doubtfire voice) Sorry, just watched it with the kids the other day... You might be muttering how strange I am under your breath right now, or even shaking your head -- but guess what - you're reading the crazy sugar bitch's blog. What's that say about YOU?

Anyhow, I'm back. Finally. As usual, I get sucked into the kitchen and can't come up for air for days and when I finally do have a chance to catch my breath the last thing I want to do is sit at my computer and blab about what's been going on in the world of BABYCAKES. But, here I am.. blabbing away.

So much has been going on, between graduation cakes, graduation cupcakes (all sorts! even a graduation from Dental school - check out the little teeth we put on those cupcakes.. edible teeth! ha!) a Certifikid deal, a scrabillion cake pops, cookies, naked cupcakes (more about those later) and the never-ending kitchen experimentation that fuels our creations.. we've been locked down. Below you can expect what's coming soon, food porn, up-coming SugarWhore treats and some brand new confections.

Let's see, first order of business - a little but of sugar porn. It's necessary... You'll see why.

Yup. BABYCAKES version of the Oreo. It's very similar to the traditional, all American, have been in your lunch box since you were a kid - Oreo. Only way freakin' better. These "cookies" are the best kind.. not crunchy and not TOO chewy, and the filling? Our classic Vanilla Buttercream. Coming soon... Red Velvet sandwich cookies, Strawberry sandwich cookies, Lemon, the list could go on for days. And, I double checked just to be sure -- totally dunkable (in milk, duh).

And, here are the little teeth that we put on top of the cupcakes for the Dental graduation.. chomp. chomp.

Pearly whites sitting on top of Triple Berry! Which is the perfect lead, since July's SugarWhore cupcakes are just that! Triple Berry.

Triple Berry (strawberry, raspberry and blackberry all crammed into pound cake, topped with Marscapone frosting and a "red, white and blue" Strawberry on top to be exact. What's a red, white and blue Strawberry you ask... You will just have to wait and see. Bottom line, adorable. They aren't to be missed, kids. Not a SugarWhore? Join via. the website, and do it before June 27th if you want to get in on the July action.

Moving right along. Let's discuss ice-cream cakes. Haven't worked out all the deets.. but, it's happening and SOON! Quite possibly even w/ BABYCAKES own homemade ice-cream. Just think, peach ice cream, french vanilla cake, and why not throw some fresh peach slices into the middle - cover it with frosting and just freeze it all up. Drooling? Me too. We'll keep you posted.

Oh, oh... naked cupcakes. IE. for breakfast!

Basically, we have decided that it is appropriate to eat cupcakes for breakfast as long as they are naked (sans frosting), and have some sort of fruit in them. Above = Blueberry Coffee Cake and in our eyes - totally acceptable for breakfast. The entire line/list o' flavors of naked breaky cakes coming soon.

Holy Mole, I'm tired of talking about myself. I've got more to blab about, however, there are children and a husband that are going to turn into rabid raccoons if they don't get fed dinner at some point this evening.

More coming soon.. pinky swear.

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