Wednesday, October 5, 2011

we're not dead! just busy! here's our hodge podge catch up!

I know, it's been weeks... however, it's been weeks of cake pops, cupcakes, wedding cakes, cookies, tarts and more for BABYCAKES! We've been up to our ears in buttercream.

The Civista Wine Tasting was a huge success! They raised over $100,000 for our local hospital and I'm pretty sure that BABYCAKES were a huge hit. We're received several orders from those that sampled our confections, set up a few wedding tastings and of course - the yum!'s and mmmmm!'s were a pretty good indicator. Did I mention it was a really good time, also? If you didn't attend this year.. make it a must for next year's to do list. Between the food, the wine, the music and the silent auction - you're guaranteed to enjoy yourself.

This was my view for the evening...

And, yes - it was difficult NOT to eat our samples.

Our booth was pretty cute, if I do say so myself..

I refilled that tower several times, and we were still empty by 7:30! Almost 1,000 confections disappeared!

We've got lots going on over the next months - including a tea/spa party for little girls and their mama's at the gorgeous Victorian Candle Bed and Breakfast in Hollywood, MD! There will be cupcakes, mani/pedi's and lots of awesome girlie vendors - more about that as soon as I get the details. I do know that it's November 5th from 12-4, so mark your calendars.. I'll post a link to tickets ASAP! 

We're also in the works of sponsoring a Bone Marrow Registration drive. It's come to our attention recently just how many people NEED bone marrow transplants... did you know that even if you sign up to be apart of the registry - your chances for being a match are only 1 in 546? It's quite difficult to find a match for everyone - and it could be that person's only chance of survival. If you're willing to join the Bone Marrow Registry, please do.. I will post more info about the drive when I get it. So far, it looks like it will be a good time on top of you doing a really good thing... think, cocktails and cupcakes!

And, finally - Holiday flavors will be announced this week! Sooooo - keep your eyes peeled. We'll be running specials for pre-orders via Facebook and who knows what else we'll throw out there.

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