Monday, May 23, 2011

so, the world didn't come to an end.. we'll keep baking.

I am aware that it has been about 457 years since the last blog update. And, I'm terribly sorry for that. And - if there were more than 10 of you that actually read this thing, it might matter - but... yup.

So, we've been busy here at buttercream factory. The SugarWhore Cupcake of the Month club kicked off last month w/ May's delivery being Margarita Cupcakes! They were crazy-Cinco de Mayo goodness.. Lime cupcakes brushed with Tequila and Grand Marnier, Citrus Frosting and of course a salted/sugared rim. They were adorned w/ a little straw and slice of lime.. just 'cause. The husband (BABYCAKES' dishwasher) was inclined to eat them all, as he loves a good margarita.. but, I kept him at bay and all of my SugarWhore's got their deliveries.
 June's delivery is Raspberry Lemonade.. Meyer Lemon cupcakes w/ Raspberry Filling. Lemon Swiss-Meringue Buttercream all topped off w/ homemade Raspberry Sugar. Basically, if you haven't become a SugarWhore yet. You'll need to go ahead and do that now.

We are also working on an extra special project at the moment... A "new" confection. Well, I mean, not NEW -- it has existed for years.. but, we're putting our BABYCAKES spin on it.. and hoping that you all will fall in love with it just the same as we have.. more deets on that coming soon. Pinky swear.

OH! And, don't forget about our Dad's Day boxes... Chocolate Stout Cupcakes w/ Bourbon Buttercream OR Coffee Cupcakes w/ Fresh Whipped Cream and a homemade old fashioned doughnut on top. More info/pricing on the website -

So, I obviously haven't done the best job letting everyone know -- but, we make LOTS of other "sugar fixs" besides our Ethereal Cupcakes. We make cookies, tarts, cake pops, and the list goes on...
EVEN more important -- all of these things, cupcakes included are available as Vegan and/or Gluten Free!

Website should be updated at some point today as well...
Looking forward to seeing all my SugarWhore's the first weekend in June!

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