Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hippity Hoppity... Hippity Hoppity..

We are continuing our campaign against Chocolate Bunnies.

Did you know that 9 out of every 10 children would rather have a personalized Easter Basket from BABYCAKES than one of the store bought, pre-packaged, plastic things from the drug store? Well, it's true. At least, in BABYCAKES' circle of kids it is!

This is the deal -- you contact BABYCAKES and say, "I'd like to order two Easter Basket's, please! One for my son Colin and one for our daughter Kiera..." then, you let us know what day is best for delivery. What shows up at your door are two gorgeously packaged Easter Baskets. Your son's basket has a hand decorated tag hanging from the top that says COLIN and the same for your precious little princess, KIERA! Your son's vanilla bean cake pops are bright blue and of course your daughters are pretty pink! The baskets are chock full of sweetness.. hand decorated Easter egg and Baby chick sugar cookies, homemade marshmallow "Peeps" and it's all topped off with a flourless chocolate-rose cupcake. Now, you can't tell me you still want that white chocolate bunny from Cadbury that was made in January...
Don't disappoint your little chicks!

And, at $35/ea. and delivered to your door, you can't get a better hook up!

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