Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Holy Italian Buttercream Batman!

If you haven't heard. I'm really fucking busy. Excuse the language, or don't... at this point, I've lost all sense of couth and/or giving a shit. See... there I go again. You know it's bad when you sign into your "Foodbuzz" account and you have 747 messages in your inbox. Holy Italian Buttercream Batman, this is getting redic. The good news... there is an end in sight to the insanity. Who am I kidding? There is no sooner an end to the insanity before another whirlwind begins. I'm still trying to work out the kinks between wife, mother, and small business owner. Obviously (just ask my husband). I'm lucky to have a lot of people that believe in me and offer help (don't worry, I'll be taking you all up on it soon!) and support. I need that. It keeps me from 100% losing my marbles. I know, I know... short trip.

Whatcha think about that cute little cupcake? Thanks to the wonderful Miss. P that will be the cupcake that graces our bakery box seals. And, you can see the other logo above. Yes, the really big one at the top of the blog. Congrats, you found it. It's equally fantastic. At least, I do say so myself. Thank you again to the fabulous Parisa for all of her rockstar hard work. She'll be eating BABYCAKES on the house... oh, I don't know.. forever?

Moving right along. The website is fully functional. Go there. Now. And, while you are there... go ahead and visit the "Got Questions?" page and order your cupcakes. I'll say, Thank You! in advance. Seriously though -- www.willhustleforcupcakes.com. Tell your friends, your mom, your neighbor, and the guy that works at the gas station. You get the picture.

I know that I've promise you a "For the Record, part two" rant... but, hell. I've promised a lot of things. Who knew one little confection company could keep me so busy?

AND... Happy almost St Patrick's Day! You'll be able to order the Chocolate-Guinness cupcakes w/ Bailey's frosting for the entire month of March. Why not add a chocolate ganache center and make them Car-Bombs? Sound delish? That's because they are. Slainte!

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